At Stuaim, we offer our broad knowledge and expertise to assist you in ...

  • Preventing and resolving workplace disputes
  • Recognising the “warning signs” that precede a workplace conflict
  • Understanding and taking advantage of the benefits of early intervention in conflict resolution
  • Developing and implementing an anti-bullying and harassment policy
  • Reviewing and upgrading existing policies
  • Enhancing and improving grievance procedures
  • Ensuring that your policies and procedures support Dignity in the Workplace

We provide confidential and objective mediation services in dispute resolution

Our services are available to individuals and organisations

Training Workshops & Seminars

  • Public seminars and in-company workshops in the management of workplace conflict
  • A full range of interactive workshops for the entire company
  • In-house training tailored to your specific requirements


  • Assist those in conflict to reach a voluntary resolution to their difficulties
  • An informal, totally confidential process
  • Rapid, low-cost dispute resolution


  • Develop/enhance your bullying & harassment policy and grievance procedures
  • Help in the design of documentation that will support your policies
  • Carry out a periodic audit of the effectiveness/stability of your policies

Coaching & Mentoring

  • Business, executive and personal coaching
  • Personal effectiveness, assertiveness, career transition
  • Interpersonal and professional communication
  • Build an effective team within your organization

Conflict Resolution Dynamics©

Group support system that provides peer support – and professional support from the Stuaim team – for coping with interpersonal disputes within your workplace.