Mediation is a process whereby an independent, neutral Mediator(s) assists the parties to come to agreement through a collaborative process. The Mediator is neither judge nor arbitrator and does not adjudicate or give decisions on the rights or wrongs of the actions of the parties. The Mediator supports the parties in identifying their issues and needs and in exploring how those needs can be addressed and how they might come to agreement. (MII Definition of Mediation)

The Workplace Mediation Process

Workplace Mediation is a process where the parties explore their areas of difficulty in a safe environment with a view to reaching a mutually acceptable solution:

  • The mediator does not engage in making judgments.
  • It is a voluntary process where all parties must agree to participate. Anyone who wishes to withdraw from it may do so at any stage.
  • The whole process is confidential unless the parties agree otherwise
  • It is fast and starts as soon as everyone is available
  • The mediator is impartial
  • It creates a safe place for all sides to have their say and be heard.
  • Mediation focuses on the future working relationships of those involved.  It will not duplicate other dispute resolution services
  • Information learned in the process cannot be used outside of the workplace mediation process.
  • The settlement terms remain confidential to the parties and to the mediator unless they agree otherwise.

  • Workplace Mediation cannot be used as a means of threatening, intimidating or bullying participants.

  • The mediation process is not intended to find fault, assign blame, or punish anyone.
  • The mediator will not make decisions for you and/or the other person about how your dispute will be resolved.
  • The mediator will not talk with others without your permission about how the mediation went. This also includes your boss and/or other stakeholders. Even people who refer you to mediation do not hear from the mediator about how the mediation went, who said what in the mediation, etc.
  • The mediator will not determine who is “right” or “wrong.” 

The workplace mediation process usually takes the following steps:

  • Initial individual meeting
  • The Joint Meeting
  • Post Mediation Process