Workplace Training & Seminars

Managing conflict in the workplace can be difficult; however, ignoring it can lead to more serious problems.  Stuaim host regular workshops/seminars to assist managers, HR consultants, supervisors and employees.  The areas covered can include the following:

  • The importance of effective leadership in the management of employees
  • Difficult encounters with discretion, sensitivity and integrity
  • Conflict awareness
  • Be proactive in managing conflict situations
  • Role play practice techniques which give a deeper insight into conflict
  • Conveying your new awareness to your employees
  • Best practice for your workplace environment
  • The importance of an effective policy on dignity in the workplace – bullying and harassment
  • The management of such policies for all involved
  • The skills required to mediate disputes between employees
  • Practical exercises

These workshops/seminars can be conducted in-house if required.